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The practice will be closed for Staff Training from 12.00-2pm on Tuesday 30th April 2024
Do you know we offer an eConsult service as a means of contacting the practice. Follow the link below under Access our Online Tools
It is practice policy to NOT issue Seat Belt exemption certificates other than in exceptional circumstances. We will always encourage patients to wear seat belts.
From the 1st of November 2023 how we handle urine samples, for possible UTI's, across the surgeries changed. Females age between 16-64yrs, can access treatment from several local pharmacies. Follow the link under Access our Online Tools
The practice will be closed from 6.pm on Friday 3rd & 24th May and will re-open at 8.30am on Tuesday 7th and 28th May 2024
The practice will be closed from 12 noon on Wednesday 17th April 2024 and will re-open at 8.30am on Thursday 18th April 2024
The car park directly to the front of the building is being resurfaced on SATURDAY 20TH APRIL. The practice is closed on this day, but residents and other members of the public are kindly asked NOT to use the car park on this date.

Practice Sustainability Group

1.      We recognise that the climate emergency is a health emergency - this means it significantly affects the health of the population both in this country and worldwide

2.      We recognise that the health impacts of climate change are unfairly distributed and worsen existing health inequalities.

3.      We will act in a professional capacity to reduce the severe risks to public and global health

4.      We recognise the way the NHS delivers healthcare has an impact on climate change.

5.      We hope patients will share our concerns and work with us in their own ways to address the climate emergency.