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Updated on 17th February 2016 at 10:12 am



Most patient information is held on computer. All personal information is confidential and the consent of individual patients is needed before it can be given to anyone else. Sometimes we may need to share information with other professionals involved in your care, but they also have a legal duty to keep it confidential. You are entitled to see your health records. If you want to do this, please ask at reception.


We are involved in the teaching of undergraduate medical students, nursing and midwifery students. You may be asked if you would be prepared to see these students but there is no obligation for you to do so.


We are an accredited training practice for the education and support of qualified doctors who intend to become general practitioners. These doctors work independently but remain under the close supervision of the trainers, Drs Linford, Derry, Chatterjee and Tomson.  Most of the doctors in training are with the practice for 6 months.


There is a great deal of evidence to say that video-recording consultations is very helpful in improving consultation skills. Medical students, doctors and nurses may all record consultations from time to time – this will only be done with your written consent before and after the consultation. Video recordings are stored in a secure place and wiped clean after teaching.


Recent research suggests that patients like to be asked if they would prefer a chaperone present when they are examined. We can provide nurses (or reception staff) for this on some occasions, or you can come back to a specially booked appointment if required.

Interpreter Service

We encourage the use of this service for non-English speaking patients. It must be booked in advance and a double appointment made.


We need to know if you have problems with any of our services. Often complaints and concerns can be handled informally. If necessary there is a clearly defined formal complaints procedure – details available from the Practice Manager.  The Practice Complaints Policy can be viewed here.

Violent or Abusive Behaviour

This practice has a zero tolerance approach and any patient who is violent, aggressive or abusive to GPs, nurses, practice staff or other patients, may be taken off the practice list.

Patient Information

A wide range of leaflets are available in reception. Poster displays on topical subjects are changed regularly.

Information Leaflets can be viewed here.