Attached Staff

Updated on 17th February 2016 at 10:15 am


Collingwood have a number of different Health Care Professionals linked to the Surgery such as:

First Contact Practitioner:

  • Offers specialist advice and exercises for Musculoskeletal issues without having to see a GP first e.g. new onset of back ache

Specialist Mental Health Workers:

  • offer accessible appointments with a mental health nurse to quickly (without needing to see a GP) assess and offer treatment to prevent deterioration in your symptoms
  • hope to support you in surgery and offer a couple of appointments to increase your understanding and develop coping strategies which could improve your mental well being
  • can refer you (where required) to the appropriate mental health service

Health Visitors :

  • offer advice and support on a range of health/social issues relating to family health and well being
  • work closely with midwives and visit all new mothers and babies at home about 2 weeks after the birth
  • run child health clinics advising on childhood immunisations, children’s growth and development, minor illnesses, diet, breast feeding and any other concerns
  • support and advise mothers who have post natal depression
  • give lifestyle and smoking cessation advice


  • She is responsible for ante natal and post natal care, the GP will visit if necessary
  • She monitors and supports mothers throughout their pregnancy and immediately after the birth

A District Nursing Team:

  •  work with patients who are temporarily (e.g. after an operation) or permanently housebound
  • carry out home based annual reviews on our housebound elderly with chronic illnesses such as heart disease or COPD
  • liaise very closely with the Macmillan service and practice GPs in the care of terminally ill patients at home